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6.10.2018. 17:00
Izvještaj za ICJW
    Executive Meeting, Nov 5-6 2018,Paris

Dr. Melita Švob , president- Report

              Union of Jewish women in Croatia

Union of Jewish women in Croatia is umbrella organization for Jewish women in Croatia, with four affiliates; Zagreb (president Milana Haramina), Rijeka (Rina Bruminni), Split (Maja Gorjan ) Osijek (Jadranka Pajur-Vranješ)

During the reported time (in 2018)  we organized

  Regular activities

•Once a month’s session of Jewish women organization with program (Milana Haramina)
• Recreation (gymnastic) three time a week for two groups (organized by Melita Švob)
• Visit  Lavoslav Schwarz Jewish old age home 
•Celebrate Jewish holidays (Rabbi Luciano M.Prelević)
•Participate with community (dr. Ognjen Kraus,  president) in Holocaust  commemoration: 
 -camp Jasenovac (separate from governmental       ceremony as protest for "nazi sign" on cemetery ) 
  -camp Đakovo  cemetery  for children victims
  -cemetery Čakovec  for victims in Međimurje region 
• Cooperation with other Jewish communities: Visit to Jewish community in  Novi Sad
• Organization excursions (Karlovac,Zaprešić), visit to exhibitions, lectures and presentation

Special events  

• Promotion of new “ Righteous among nation” by Yad Vashem for family who saved our member Lea Ukrainčik

• Finished FILM “Forgoten” together with “Hidahdut olej ex Yu” in Israel ,about Holocaust in Yugoslavia (Miriam Aviezer)

• Promotion of book “Šifra Optimist” written by Mila Ajzenštajn our 90 year old member

• Two group of American Jews together with Stefanie Salzer president of” World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of.the.Holocaust & D“.visited Community, organized by dr. Melita Švob, member of WFJCSH&D Boards.

Visit Jewish women organization from Osijek (Jadranka Pajur-Vranješ)   to  women organization in Zagreb

• “Literate club” (organizer Narcisa Potežica) with discussing new Jewish books

  European days of Jewish culture and heritage.

• Jewish cultural happening : Jewish stories presented by panels, dance,     singing, music
• Celebration of 20 anniversary of “Jewish Dance club” in Osijek  (organizer Nives Beissmann )

• In synagogue: “Storytelling“, Concert
• Promotion of the book “Jewish community Rijeka” written  by  Rina Brummini

• Exhibition “Israeli discovery which influenced the World” together with   Israeli Embassy
• Memorial plaque has been installed, about June 12 1942 when Nazi   demolished synagogue.(Ana Lebl)

• visit to the new Jewish museum (Mira Wolf)
• exhibition of Jewish painters Ina Drutter and Oscar Herman
• concert of Jewish composers- Alfy Kabiljo (Zagreb)