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24.8.2015. 12:25
Izrael, predbračni ugovor

prenosimo iz "ALGEMEINER" 24.August 2015

With more than 200 people in attendance from both the Legal and Rabbinic worlds, Tzohar and the Israel Bar Association launched a new Prenuptial Agreement to protect and assist the future of Jewish marriage

The agreement, spearheaded by the Religious Zionist Rabbinic organization, gives the soon to be married couple an extra sense of security in the event of divorce, working to limit the distress and pain suffered by the refusal of giving or receiving a religious divorce – a Get. The agreement meets the requirements of Israeli law and policy, according to the legal courts as well as
Jewish law and halacha.

“We are dealing with a reality where between 30 to 40 percent of couples in Israel today get divorced,” ? said Rabbi Stav. That statistic has always been traditionally lower in Israel when compared to the United States, where the divorce rate is estimated around 50%, Russia at 60%, and Belgium at 70%.

“No one deserves to stay chained in a terrible marriage, where often times the only way out is monetary payments,” added Rabbi Stav, who is the chief rabbi of Shoham.


This agreement can and should become the norm in Israeli society to ensure that the end of a marriage and separating from your partner be treated with respect and dignity.”